I’ve been procrastinating writing this thing for a long time. You know how much you love writing a resume? That one time when it’s okay to talk about how great you are?

Yeah, I hate it too.

Here goes.

By day I’m a music director at a mid-size church. By night I’m a lover of stories.

And by that I mean I stay up way too late at night working on this kind of thing…

Star Wars was my first love of the fantastic, the dream of a far away place where good was worth fighting for and even Darth Vader could be redeemed. But Tolkien is my true love. It was the professor that taught me that the only stories that have value are the ones that are true, and that in fact all good stories must be true.

And so I’ve set out to write my own stories. Hopefully they’ll be as true as the ones that first inspired me. Thanks for coming along for the ride!