I remember a better time, when the future was still bright and shining. That was the time of Moses, our great and benevolent AI benefactor. He gave us revolutionary technology beyond our wildest dreams and established human colonies as far out as the moons of Saturn.

But dreams are fragile and one day Moses was gone without a trace. In an instant our future was extinguished, like a faded star. In the ensuing chaos, Earth was ravaged by wars. If there were survivors, they forgot about the colonies and we were left alone.

Alone to endure the quiet failure of our race as the technology Moses gave us slowly malfunctioned and went silent.

But men will live on for a time much as they always have, too stubborn to dwindle into the long night that comes After Moses.

Nedda Marek
Hydraulic Technician from Bright Crater, Ceres
Died 26 AM