The Legend of Lollie Levee

Image Credit: City of Conway

Image Credit: City of Conway

The Legend of Lollie Levee

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Once upon a time, there was a wide and fertile land, between the mountains and a great river. Through this land were many regions, and through these regions flowed another river. This was the Arkansas River. It was not the mightiest in the land, and yet it carved its way to the great river with grace and beauty.

Now like all rivers, the Arkansas is not to be trusted, for when rain comes it may escape its banks bringing flood waters and destruction upon the surrounding lands. Once, in the year 1927, this happened, and so, a few short years later, the people of the land built the Lollie Levee to protect the community of Lolliee Bottoms. Some distance away, the city of Conway also enjoyed the protections of the Levee.

For nearly a century, the Lollie Levee held back the floods, until it faced its greatest challenge.

One fateful spring, the rains began to fall. For weeks on end, the regions above the Lollie Levee were inundated with storm after storm, until the river began to swell. No one in living memory had ever seen the river so high for most of its length, and those in its path fled.

Floods spread across the land, destroying farms, homes and lives.

When the flood waters reached the Lollie Levee it held strong as the water raged against it. But flood waters can linger and for many weeks the waters endured.

Some ways north of Lollie Bottoms there was another levee at Holla Bend, one that could not withstand the waters. That levee failed and the lands behind were ravaged.

But Lollie Levee held strong for many days. The City of Conway and the Corp of Engineers watched it daily to ensure that it would hold.

At long last the waters began to fall. But the currents were still strong and they had taken their toll on the Lollie Levee. It began to erode under the force of the deluge. It was slow at first, but then began to pick up speed as the water soaked earth began to crumble. The men of Conway and the land’s military worked to reinforce the century old hill of earth, but one can only do so much to hold back a river.

The Levee was under constant surveillance and none knew if it would hold. Late one night, a dire warning was sent out. The community of Lollie Bottoms must flee, for the Levee would surely fail.

When the sun rose, the situation was grim. The levee was eroding rapidly and there was little the men of that region could do to stop it.

Over the next few days they watched and prayed. The river was falling, but so was the levee.

To further protect the City of Conway, they built a dam over the creek leading into the area. They wanted to be certain that the water would not make its way back up to the town in case the worst happened.

But the miraculous was happening. Lollie Levee continued to hold as the river fell. The people of the region followed with held breath, praying that she would hold out.

Men began to hope.

“She’s not pretty right now, but she’s holding on like a hair on a biscuit,”

No words more true have ever been spoken…

Lollie Levee held until the end, enduring the great flood and receiving great injury. The men of the land were grateful for what it had done, for the lives and property it had protected.

They rewarded the Levee for a job well done.

A miracle had happened and the land had not flooded.


And so the Legend of Lollie Levee can now continue. She will be rebuilt by the people of the town, so that when the next flood comes she can continue to do her job.

Hold up your head Lollie Levee. We’re proud of you.

I’ll have to apologize for my Friday blog not coming till the following Tuesday. That day (and weekend) were a little bit nuttier than normal. By mid-weekend I had it in my mind to write up this Legend, but I needed to wait till the end to see how it turned out. Most of the weekend I was expecting it to end in tragedy. I couldn’t have dreamed that it would have held up and be awarded a key to the city. Congratulations Lollie Levee! Thanks for holding through the week!

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