What is After Moses?

After Moses is an old-fashioned serial sci-fi adventure with a western influence. Think of a serial as being more like a television series rather than a novel. Chapters will be more episodic in nature, more self contained, while still contributing to a longer story arc.

How often will it get updated?

After Moses will be updated every other Friday. If there is a change in schedule I’ll post in the news section. As my chapters tend to be between 4k and 8k words, I need some time to stay ahead of publishing schedule and get them ready.

I found After Moses by reading it on another site. Why should I subscribe to get emails about it here?

I don’t know how you found me. You may have found me at Wattpad, Royal Road, or some other site for reading fiction online. After Moses’ real home is here, and this site will always be at least one chapter ahead in its publishing schedule. If you came from elsewhere, I hope that you gave it a good review wherever you found it so that others can help discover it as well!

How can I help spread the word about After Moses?

You can start by telling everyone you know. Shout it from the rooftops. Pay for a billboard. Okay, if you do the last one let me know, because that’s awesome.

Seriously though I need your help. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are one of the top ways people find new authors and new things to read. Tell your friends, share about After Moses on social media, etc. I appreciate all the support and help you can give here!

Will After Moses have strong language or content?

Here’s where the old fashioned part comes in. I think there’s a severe shortage of family friendly material out there these days. In the rush to become grim and realistic, we’ve forgotten that stories and story telling used to be for everyone. As such my goal is to keep After Moses moderately safe for all age levels. Think of some of the sci-fi television of the past, like Star Trek: The Next Generation. I don’t intend on there being any content stronger than that.

That’s not to say I don’t intend for there to be serious topics addressed at times, but serious topics can be on page without being graphic, disturbing, or inappropriate.

What are the inspirations behind After Moses?

When I sat down and decided that I wanted to write a serial, I wanted to do something a little different. In our day and age of rapidly progressing technology, the Technological Singularity is a bit of a buzzword. The singularity is the theoretical point at which humans become irrelevant in the face of technology. Many suggest such a time is coming soon and is inevitable.

So I decided to ask “What happens if the singularity is benevolent and fails?”

What happens to humanity in a world where technology has quickly outpaced us and then disappears, leaving us adrift? This gave me my setting. From there the western theme and characters began to work their way into my mind and After Moses was born.

Where can I find the artist that did that amazing cover art?

You can head over to 99designs.com and get in touch with Cakamura_san. He was amazingly professional as we worked on getting it just right.